Checkered in the Rain

Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a great weekend!

This post could also be called “White Denim – Part 2” because it’s basically what I’m wearing from the last post, only I’m ready for rain!  I bought this checkered raincoat while I was working at Kohl’s a little over three years ago. I wore it quite a bit that first year, but after a while I started to think the pattern was a little much so I stopped wearing it. Two years later and it’s revived!  It’s definitely growing on me again.

I like to tie this belt with a half bow. Full bows a lot of times don’t lay right especially if the belt isn’t long enough. Knots can look great, but are very annoying to untie when you get inside. If you’re in school like me, or running lots of errands, you don’t want to have to keep redoing your knots, so I tried out the half bow, and I love it. With one pull you can slip off your wet outerwear to hang it to dry. Simple, easy, and cute!

I think I had way too much fun with this umbrella. Loving the mixed patterns and the cool photography tricks. :)

Thanks for reading! Have a great week!

◆ Outfit ◆

◆ Jeans – ZARA (exact)

◆ Pumps – ZARA (exact)

◆ Raincoat – Kohl’s (Chaps Brand – old)

◆ Accessories: Target bag, umbrella – borrowed

◆ Photography ◆

Amanda Howell

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