The Timeless Pencil Skirt

Hey everyone!

This will be a quick post because I have to go pick up my boyfriend from the Des Moines airport in about an hour! I’m so excited! We haven’t seen each other since spring break. We’re celebrating our 4 year anniversary next week!  This pencil skirt is actually the skirt he first saw me in. I was wearing it for the FBLA national conference in Anaheim, CA  where we met. It’s a very long and cute story, but that’s for another time. :) Gotta go get ready! Talk to you guys soon!

Thanks for reading!

◆ Outfit ◆

◆ Skirt – Express (old)

◆ Pumps – ZARA (exact)

◆ Top – Kohl’s

◆ Accessories: Jewelry & Clutch – Kohl’s, AE watch

◆ Photography ◆

Amanda Howell


  1. love the color of the top and the skirt is amazing…very streamlined and well fitted. love it!!! on a personal note…you should smile more often on your pictures….you have a pretty smile…flaunt it girl!!!!

    1. Thank you! I actually just talked about that with Amanda, and the pictures that are coming out better are the ones where I’m not smiling! haha Maybe this means I should just always be smiling while taking photos. My cheeks might hurt by the end, but hopefully it will be worth it! lol

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