Pretty Pastels

◆  JC Penney Dress (similar)  ◆  Target Sweater (exact) ◆  Nine West Pumps (similar)  ◆  Eddie Bauer Scarf (exact)  ◆  AE Watch (similar)  ◆

Many of you know that my photos are taken on Iowa State’s campus and around the city of Ames. It was so beautiful today that I decided to take a little detour to the COD (College of Design) and take a little drive through some neighborhoods I’ve never been to. I couldn’t believe all of the amazing houses I saw! So many of them were two or three times as big as my house at home, and the landscaping of some of the yards were so gorgeous! Many of them were old and well kept with pretty gardens. Some were among the most modern houses I’ve seen!  It makes me think that they’re design professors that designed their own homes in the isolation of the woods. I wanted to take pictures of all of them, but I wanted to respect the privacy of the owners.  I don’ t know about you, but I love driving through small towns and neighborhoods I haven’t been to and just look at houses. My dream is to live in a huge old victorian house. If that happens my life will be complete. :)

Today’s outfit is all about soft pastel colors. The “skirt” is actually a dress! It’s tight enough that I could throw a sweater over it and give the illusion of a skirt. It’s always great when I find new ways to wear items that I already have. It’s probably the best way of saving money because you can make your wardrobe even bigger without spending a cent!  I complimented the colors of the dress and sweater with a scarf my mom bought me while we were shopping.  She was returning some items at Eddie Bauer when we saw it. It’s one of the prettiest scarves I’ve seen, especially with the scalloped eyelet edge details.  I think it pulls the outfit together very nicely and makes me feel pretty! That’s always the most important part of your outfit – how it makes you feel. Clothes should make you feel beautiful and give you a boost of confidence. Something simple like a scarf is sometimes all you need!


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