A Dress in Watercolor


(Dress – JC Penney, Heels – Payless, Earrings – Kohl’s, Sunglasses – Walmart)

Well, my days of relaxing are over. I stayed the entirety of last week with my parents, and I am so grateful that I did.  Something about being home for more than a day or two hits a reset button and I feel refreshed and energized. I left early this morning to beat the storm that actually just started as I’m typing this. The drive to Ames was so beautiful! All of the trees were green with leaves and every now and then the Sun would peek out from behind the puffy clouds. Then it decided to stay out to keep me company for the rest of the way. Iowa is so pretty when it’s covered in greenery or snow, but not so much in the between stages.  I enjoyed it so much that my two hour drive didn’t seem to take that long at all!


So since I was in such a springy mood, I decided to wear one of my favorite dresses today. I bought my watercolor dress from JC Penney last year for a wedding, but it’s the kind of dress that you can dress up or down. I kept the accessories to a minimum because the dress is so beautiful that it does so well by itself. I walked by a lady at Walmart today and I overheard her say “(gasp) That’s such a pretty dress!” I would have said thank you but she said this to the people next to her, not directly at me. Would that have been weird? To turn and say thanks? Well, either way, it made me smile. :)


Can you believe that I haven’t worn these heels in probably 2 years? Yeah, I can’t either! They’re so cute, but I don’t think I’ve really had the confidence to wear them until now. They’re very, very red, but today I felt like being bold. I actually think the colors of the dress helped them blend in a little. To be honest, I don’t even remember when I bought them . I had to look up the label to remember where I bought them, and surprisingly, but not surprisingly, I bought them at Payless! Crazy, right?


I can’t tell you how amazing these flowers smelled! Ames is covered with flowering bushes and trees, so I couldn’t help myself. You will come to find out that I’m obsessed with flowers. Doesn’t matter what kind or color, I love them! I’ve become pretty good at arranging them too. :) The lilies are coming up along with my hostas. I won’t show my garden yet because it’s in dire need of weeding. When I came back today I was horrified by the site of 12 inch tall weeds. Yeah, not good!  That shall be one of my many summer projects.

IMG_5325 IMG_5267

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