Hedgehogs in the Garden


Today I introduce you to my two babies – Opal and Ruby. Opal is definitely not a baby anymore, since she’s pregnant with her second litter. Ruby is actually from her first litter. She was the smallest one from the very beginning so I know which one she is in all of the pictures I took of them even when they were the size of my thumb!  Opal was born October 10, 2011, and Ruby was born December 5, 2012. Ruby should still be growing, but because she was the runt of the litter, I’m not sure how much bigger she’s going to get. I hope not too much because she’s so cute being so small!

The first litter was a complete accident. I was babysitting my friend’s male hedgehog and while I was cleaning Opal’s cage, I put her in his.  It only took them 5 minutes! (He’s very quick and efficient!) She ended up having 5, but we lost one which is normal, but still very sad. I kept Ruby since I had an immediate bond with her, and we gave the three to loving homes.

Since Opal’s due date is coming up in 10 days, I thought it might be good for her to get some fresh air since she’s going to be cooped up with little needy hoglets for the next 2 months. Ruby has never been outside either, so I thought she would enjoy the time spent outside her cage too, especially since it’s so beautiful outside!



Now, because this was the first time bringing them outside, only brought them out one at a time. I also didn’t have any help if they were to take off in different directions, so I thought it best to focus my attention on just one.  I didn’t really know what to expect out of their behavior, so I made sure to stay very close. Surprisingly enough, I had nothing to worry about! They stayed close to me! Both Ruby and Opal basically sprinted onto my hands when I went to go pick them up. It was the same reaction I get from them when I pick them up in the bath tub. Apparently they weren’t too sure about the new surroundings, so I only had Ruby outside for about 5 minutes, and Opal about 2. I didn’t want her to get too stressed during her pregnancy.



Ruby definitely looked like she was having a blast. After she made her way out of the flowers, she took off running up the drive way. This was the first time she’s run like that besides on her wheel, so I’m sure she enjoyed running on actual ground. I was also very happy to get some really great pictures of them that I can frame. I think having great lighting is key when taking pictures of hedgehogs, or any animal for that matter. They fidget and move around so quickly that you need a fast shudder speed to capture those adorable moments.


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