Mother’s Day in Fitchburg – Photo Diary


(Blazer – H&M, T-shirt & Shoes – Target, Elle Pants – Kohl’s, Pink Belt – JC Penney)

Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all moms and grandmas out there! I’m not technically a mom yet, but I think that I am to my hedgehogs. When Opal or Ruby fall asleep in my arms, I can’t help but feel motherly. :)  I’m actually going to be a “grandma” again this month since Opal is PREGNANT! Sometime around May 25th, she will be having a litter of tiny hoglets! I’m thinking she’s having at least 4 or 5 because she is so big! She’s almost the size of a guinea pig. It’s insane! I don’t remember her being this large, so maybe there will be 6? Wow that’s scary! I can’t wait though. I’m sure I will have more than a few pictures of them as they grow. :)

5.13 5.13


So anyways, yesterday my mom and I went to Fitchburg, Wisconsin to visit my sister at her husband’s family farm, or should I say petting zoo.  Not only do they have the coolest cat ever, they have 2 goats with 2 kids, and 13 cows and counting including a baby calf.  We always have the best time there.  This trip was my first after the birth of the two kids, and it probably took me a good 5 minutes to catch one. They’re so cute, and so fast!  Brushing the cows is also a very cool experience, but a little scary at times when you’re surrounded by more than a few that want to be brushed. I think it’s pretty awesome that they actually enjoy the attention. My sister, Arin, always looks so cute while working the farm with her printed boots. If she was my size, I might have taken them home with me, but she’s lucky I have small feet.

The rest of the day was spent eating pizza for lunch and what else, shopping! We hit up DSW, Marshalls, Forever 21, and H&M. The only thing I purchased was this awesome blazer at H&M. It looked so great with my green pants that I had to have it! Plus it’s such a great basic that can go with almost anything.  Arin always looks cute whenever I see her, so I snapped a few pictures of her and some may have been without her knowledge. Her jeans are actually from H&M too!

My mom loved all three of her cards from us kids, and I think it was definitely the most furry, slobbery, and smelly Mother’s Day she’s ever had, but I think she really enjoyed it. I was so happy I was able to go with her and spend good quality time with both my mom and my sister, oh, and all of my furry nieces and nephews. I’m one lucky daughter/sister/aunt/mom! :)

5.13 5.13 5.13 5.135.13IMG_4818 IMG_4835 5.13 5.135.13

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