Floral Print

5-7 3

(Floral Skirt – Target, Blouse & Jewelry – Kohl’s, Nine West Pumps – DSW, Clutch – Burlington Coat Factory, Sunglasses – Lyla’s Boutique)

Finals week has been pretty awesome this semester, and not just because of the blanket fort, but because I’ve been doing a lot of sketching! I got my watercolors and sharpies out and started designing shoes. I’ve been having so much fun that I can’t stop! I’m planning on filling like 10 sketchbooks this summer. I’ve also been doing renditions of designer shoes and putting them on Instagram. I’m not putting my own designs on the blog or Instagram because it’s too easy for people to steal ideas, so instead I’m putting up sketches of Jimmy Choos and Kate Spades! Make sure to follow me so you can see new sketches!

5-7 2

Today’s outfit is one of my favorites because I’m in love with this floral skirt! I bought two cotton a-line skirts at Target about a month ago, both on the clearance rack. They were each $9, so how could I say no? These skirts are perfect because they can be dressed up or down. Today I decided to dress it up with a flowy blouse, pretty jewelry, and my nude heels! I’ve had this navy blouse for probably over 3 years, and I’ve always had trouble finding items to wear it with. I’m so happy I found a great skirt to go with it! Since my tripod is currently being used as a tent pole, Alison has been taking my photos. Aren’t they great?! She’s been awesome. :)

5-7 4

Right now I am currently watching Finding Nemo with Megan and Alison in our fort. After the movie I’m going to get to studying for my psychology test on Thursday. I also have a design project due Friday, so this week will be busy, but I should still have some time to post a few times this week.

Happy Finals Week!

5-7 1

Photo Credit: Alison Koebke

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