Finals Week in a Blanket Fort


When I was little, my sister Arin and I would make the most ridiculously awesome blanket forts in our basement. If we weren’t outside working our Kool-Aid stand or playing on our swing set, or playing school, we were probably hanging out in our blanket forts.  I honestly couldn’t tell you how many we made, but I can tell you that I learned from the master. Looking back, I can’t believe that my parents let us make them because we took every sheet and blanket we could find in the house to make them, not to mention that we would poke holes in them with safety pins.  Hair ties were usually our go-to medium for quilting the sheets together, but that didn’t mean we were against other methods, like using push pins on the walls.


IMG_4486 IMG_4538

Yes, I’m 22, no, I don’t have kids, and yes, I made a blanket fort with my roommate on Friday. Who says you have to be a kid to do such things? If there is anytime in your life where it would be a great time to make a fort, it would be in college. Don’t get me wrong, the forts I made with Arin were amazing. We even made dividers to make individual rooms – one for me, one for Arin, and one for the dogs. (Our older brother Drew wasn’t invited to our little tent parties.) But now, after almost 20 years of practice, I can now say that I am the master of blanket forting.

IMG_4507 IMG_4497

Megan had the idea while brushing her teeth that we should  make one. I immediately accepted the challenge and got to work.  The first thing we did was to gather all the sheets, blankets, pushpins, and hair ties we could find. Then we needed a way to keep the middle up. Our first thought was to use the Swiffer, but then I thought my tripod would be perfect for the job – tall, sturdy, reliable. After it was up, Megan thought it would be a great idea to put up lights, and since I just cleaned out our closet, I knew exactly where our Christmas lights were! I also found the lanterns that I used to have up and they looked so cute in the fort! We then brought in stuffed animals, pillows, and laid blankets on the floor to complete the renovation. After all the forts I made with my sister and all the ones I made while babysitting – this one tops them all.


This fort is complete with a couch, 2 comfy armchairs, a bar (table and stools), a TV, a chandelier (my DIY pendant lamp), Christmas lights, lanterns, soft blankets, stuffed animals, pillows, and a light-up coffee table (another DIY project).I’m thinking I’m going to have to rent a tri-pod from school because this thing is going to be up for a while – probably until Megan leaves for the summer which is next Friday! I’m so sad! But until then, I have the cutest fort ever to watch Disney movies with the coolest roommate and friends. I’m one lucky girl! Finals week is going to rock!

IMG_4533 IMG_4536


  1. OMG! Cameron, I would love to have a room in my house that looks like that! It’s so beautiful and I can just imagine myself watching a movie with some popcorn under such a whimsical environment.You defnitely have a knack for making any room sparkle.Love you lots and good nite! Jackie

  2. OMG you’re so talented at doing blanket fort haha !! I remember doing blanket forts with my cousins and sister and we’d pretend it was spaceship but they never were as good as yours haha. Oh and btw I saw on your twitter that you were going to Iowa state university, well I have a friend going to this university too, I don’t know how you say in english, but when we were sixteen she made a trip to France and she spent 5days at my house, because teachers asked us if we wanted to have an american student staying with us. Anyway, what’s the word for it lol ?


    1. haha well thanks! It was a lot of fun to make and even more fun to hang out in! And I believe the word you’re looking for is foreign exchange student. We had a lot of them at my school. One guy was from Brazil and he took me to my sophomore homecoming dance. He’s now a model for Calvin Klein!

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