Rainy Day

5-4 1(Umbrella – Target, Sweatshirt (hand-me-down), Jeans-Delia’s, Loafers – Payless, Watch – American Eagle, Bag – Old Navy, Necklace – Borrowed)

The snow has melted and it’s spring again! Well, not all of the snow. There are still little tiny piles scattered throughout the grass. Megan told me she keeps thinking it looks like someone TP’d campus, and it made me laugh ’cause she’s totally right!

5-4 2

Since it was rainy and still a little cold, I wore my sweatshirt that my sister gave me. My older sister, Arin, is pretty stylish herself, so I never say no to hand-me-downs! I gave the outfit a little color with one of Megan’s cute necklaces. I really need to save up some money so I can buy more accessories. My wardrobe is really lacking in that department. I was going to wear my riding boots, but they remind me of fall, so I stuck to my lacy loafers from Payless. They’re so comfy and adorable!

Well, thats all I have for now. I have to go do some homework and get ready for our girls’ night in our awesome blanket fort! Megan and I had a lot of fun making it yesterday, so tonight we’re going to enjoy it with girlfriends and movies! I’ll post pictures of our fort tomorrow. It’s pretty epic. Cutest blanket fort I’ve ever made or seen. :)

Photo Credit: Alison Koebke

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