Snowy Spring

(Danier Jacket-Goodwill, Jeans-Zara, Hanes Sweatshirt-Walmart, Rain Boots – Target, Scarf – Borrowed from my roommate, Megan)
If I didn’t tell you that today is May 3rd, or show you the pictures of the green grass and the buds on tree branches, you would probably think that these pictures were taken a couple of months ago. Nope! I took them this morning. Iowa is mostly known for corn, but it’s also known for having the some of the craziest weather, and it’s because of days like this! Yesterday was just as bad, and I was so depressed that I didn’t want to do anything but lay around in sweats.  This is ridiculous! How the heck am I supposed to dress when it’s 35 degrees with 3 inches of snow on the ground in May?! All of my winter coats, gloves, and boots are back at home or packed up in my closet, so I had the hardest time picking out my outfit today.
I have a presentation for my class, so I wanted to look cute, but also dress for the snow and for spring! So, to keep my feet and jeans warm and dry, I wore 2 layers of socks with my adorable polka dot rain boots.  My jacket is actually something I bought from my Goodwill trip! It’s a vintage leather Danier coat that I got for $15. I looked up the brand to see how much they would be now, and their prices start at around $300. I think I hit that jackpot on that one! So I am happy I got to wear it.
Did you notice that I’m wearing neon? Yep, just because there is snow covering my car, that doesn’t mean that I have to dress like it’s winter. I felt like I should brighten up the day a little and stick to spring colors. I knew I needed a scarf, and Megan is always gracious enough to let me borrow hers because she has like 50 tucked inside her ottoman. I found one that was bright and cheery, and matched my sweatshirt.  Success! I can’t wait for all of this snow to melt soon! It’s supposed to be warming up to the 70s again, so that should make all of us Iowans happy again. :)
IMG_4399 IMG_4385 IMG_4410

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