DIY: High Waist Shorts

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So the other day I mentioned that I went to Goodwill to find some high waist mom jeans so I could turn them into shorts. Well, after trying on what seemed like 100 pairs, I found 2 that fit (for the most part). I’m thinking I need to go to the Goodwills in other towns because I saw some other girls doing the same thing here in Ames. It makes we think that the good one’s were already taken, so I may need to do some hunting elsewhere.  I was, however, happy to find blue denim and pink denim!  I overheard one of the girls say that she was going to bleach them, and I thought that seemed like a really good idea! So, thank you to the random girl at Goodwill for the awesome idea! (Wow, that makes me sound like a total eavesdropper, but they were talking so loud!)


So to make these, the first thing you need to do is put them on. I know they look awful now, but they’ll look really cute when they’re all done, so bare with me!  I used a pen to mark where I wanted to cut. I marked the inseam, the outerseam, and where I want to cut them in the back. I made the mistake of not doing this with the blue ones. I just marked the seams and cut both the front and back at the same time. This makes the back really short and it barely covers my butt! Not good! So for the pink ones I did a much better job to prevent this from happening. Practice makes perfect, right?


After I cut them, I filled a bucket half with water, half with bleach.  I wanted my blue jeans to be a lot lighter, so I left them in for quite awhile, but making sure to rearrange the shorts roughly every 15 minutes so I didn’t have lines or dark spots.  With the pink ones, I wanted to see if I could create an ombre effect, so I just dunked the bottom of the shorts into the same bucket, with the top hanging over the edge. It worked so well! I couldn’t believe it! I thought that the pants might have already been bleached to make them pink, but it still worked! Then I rinsed, washed, and dried them with items I didn’t really care about. It turns out I had nothing to worry about, though. My brown towel is still brown, but you probably shouldn’t take your chances.

IMG_4314 IMG_4294

Now it’s time to fray them! After I figured out how to do it, it’s pretty easy! If you take a close look at how the fabric is woven, you should be able to see the strands that are horizontal, or run close to parallel with the waist band. These are the strands you pull, so it leaves the vertical strands hanging off from the weave to create the fringe. Hopefully this makes sense. If you have any questions about the process, you can always leave a comment and I’ll get back to you!

Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 5.24.42 PM

I hope you enjoyed this first DIY tutorial. I’m hoping to have a lot more, especially when I’m in DIY mode this summer.  I’m in the process of making lamp shades out of paper lanterns and paint chips, and I’m also collecting pop cans to make lamps shades out of wire and aluminum. We’ll see how that one goes.  You can see the one that I already made on my instagram here, plus some other pictures of my artwork and of my hedgehogs! They’re so cute. :) Also be sure to follow me on facebook, twitter, and pinterest! Any questions or inquiries, you can always shoot me an e-mail at

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