Leisure Sneaker


(Shirt – JCPenny, Denim Shorts – Buckle, Tennis Shoes – Target, Gold Belt – my mom)

Something about this warm weather today made me want to do two things:

1. Go to Fairway to get a refreshing cold bottle of Coca-Cola. If you’ve never had the wonderful experience of having real Coke with real sugar from Mexico, you’re missing out on one of the best beverages you will ever have in your life. Yes, it’s different than regular Coke – no joke! If you don’t have a Fairway near you, you either have to find a grocery store that sells it, or travel to Iowa. You will seriously thank me.

And 2. Rearrange the furniture in my apartment. During the winter we had our TV infront of our sliding screen door that leads to the lawn behind our building. We never need to use it when it’s cold out, so we pretend like the door doesn’t exist which gives us a lot more flexibility with the layout. Now that I’m planning on sun bathing outside, changes needed to be made, and let’s just say that I got my workout in for the day!

4-30 3

Since I had appointments to go to and errands to run, today’s outfit was very casual. I was extremely happy to be able to wear my $15 tennis shoes from Target. So cute! And it was definitely a messy bun day. I pride myself on how well I can make them messy and cute at the same time, and this morning it only took me 30 seconds! I think that’s a record! I also snapped some shots of some pretty tulips and tree buds today because they make me smile, and I hope they do the same for you!


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