Retro Dots


(Sundress, Cardigan, & Sunglasses – Walmart, Sandals & Hat – Target)

First, I have to apologize for not posting this weekend.  I work events at Gateway Hotel and they ask me to work when we’re really busy. So of course when I agree, not knowingly, I’m agreeing to a 12 hour shift on Friday and an 8 hour shift on Saturday! It was crazy. By yesterday I was in serious physical pain. My feet were so swollen I could barely get into my shoes, and my legs did not want me to get out of bed. The good thing is that I made some good money that I can use to finally fix my phone! The screen shattered when I dropped in when it was below freezing, and who has $150 just laying around? Not me! So I’m very excited that I will be able to tell what the heck I’m texting!


Anyways, today was so gorgeous!!! It was supposed to rain, but I guess God forgot to tell the weatherman of today’s forecast changes.  Therefore, I got to wear my new $15 polka dot sundress all day! Every once in awhile, Walmart has some pretty cute clothes. I also did some shopping at Target and Goodwill today and scored some major deals! For example, today’s hat was only $6 and the sandals were $8 – both from Target! I can’t express how joyous this makes me. Finding cute clothes that fit me perfectly is one thing, but when I get them more than 50% off, my happy meter can’t get any higher!ImageImageImage

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