Beautiful Columns


Since I work all day today, I don’t have an outfit to show, unless you guys really want to see me in my work uniform, but I doubt it.  So instead I bring you the beautiful pictures of Curtiss Hall that I took yesterday.  For those of you who haven’t been to Iowa State, we’re nationally ranked among the most beautiful college campuses.  Not that this is was a major factor in my decision to go here, but it definitely didn’t hurt!  ISU Fun Fact: For every kind of tree in the state of Iowa, there is one on campus!  The planning of the grounds is actually something we cover a lot in our design classes, which is pretty cool! I absolutely love the architecture of Curtiss. It’s such a beautiful building, and I love that it’s on central campus. I was also very happy to see people playing catch and frisbee yesterday.  I wanted to join in, but studying was in order!

IMG_4106 IMG_4102

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