Sunny Day

4-25 3

(Sundress–ELLE from Kohl’s, Denim Jacket–JCPenny, Wedges–Payless, Pendant–Old Navy, Sunglasses–Walmart)

It was so pretty today and campus was beautiful! I’m so happy the grass is back to it’s gorgeous green. There are even flowers blooming and it just makes me smile.  Now we just need the trees to bud and then we’re in business.  Anyway, because today was one of the first really warm days of spring, I just had to bring out my favorite sundress. I bought it at Kohl’s a few years ago, and I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it. Elle is one of my favorite brands because the clothes are usually the perfect amount of girly.  I like to wear it with my denim jacket and neutral wedges because I don’t want to compete with the red pattern of the dress.  Oh, and how great are these $5 sunglasses from Walmart? I break my sunglasses all the time, so I never spend more than $10.

4-25 4

This was the first time I took out my tripod in public, and I felt a little weird about people staring at me, but I’m more than thrilled with the results! I hope you all agree. :)

4-25 5

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